The last HTTPWebSocketGRPC client you'll ever need.

Exot makes data easy
and boosts developer productivity.

* Exot is a PWA application. Requires Docker.

All-in-one Client

Exot combines multiple protocols into one application. Connect to HTTP, WebSocket and GRPC APIs using a unified interface.

Plus, we're working hard to bring more protocols and connectors to the app.

→ Do you spend most of your work time in an IDE?

Designed for Power Users

Forget complicated inputs and forms. Exot uses advanced code editor for almost everything! Configure HTTP headers in HJSON format with full syntax highlighting.

And we know how much you like Vim and Emacs. Exot supports both modes to keep things simple and familiar.

→ Do you need to share data with your team?

Share and Collaborate

Workspaces are synced in real-time with all your teammates. On top of that, Exot keeps a track record of all changes in the form of revisions.

→ Do you need to track user activity?


Exot already supports full execution history, audit logs and changelogs, request revisions, role-based permissions, and private cloud (or on-premise) deployments.

More advanced features coming soon.

→ What to expect next?

The Future

We’re creating Exot to make data management easy for us and fellow software engineers who are sick and tired of using poorly created clients for their favorite protocols and databases.

Exot wants to be the client with a unified and powerful UI for every API and database there is. We plan to implement many different connectors for popular databases and cloud services including AWS, Google and Azure.

Stay tuned.

Just give it a try.

* Exot is a PWA application. Requires Docker.

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