Cloud-based collaborative
platform for APIs and databases.

Exot makes it easy for software engineers and data teams to understand, manage and test their data.

Currently supports HTTPGraphQLWebSocketsGRPC

Currently in BETA and under active development.

Easy installation:

curl -sSL | bash

* Exot is a PWA. Requires Docker and runs in your browser.


Architecture and Security

Exot is a cloud-based PWA application that uses classical server-client architecture. All connections to the APIs and databases are made from the server within a secure and private environment, which means that sensitive credentials (like database passwords) are never revealed to the user.

For transparency and added security, Exot comes with detailed audit logs and query history where every change and every query execution is recorded and available for later review.

Cloud-based PWA architecture also means users don’t have to install anything,
Exot runs in a regular browser and all users have the same version.

Just give it a try.

curl -sSL | bash

* Exot is a PWA. Requires Docker and runs in your browser

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